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Chiropractic is a licensed health care profession that emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself, restoring function and mobility to muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue, such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Treatment typically involves manual therapy and spinal manipulation. At Paragon Wellness Center, our Bloomington, IN chiropractors consider you a partner in the management of your health and prioritize educating our patients in restoring and maintaining full body function through postural correction, stretching, strengthening, healthy lifestyle habits, and non-toxic living.

How Does Bloomington, IN Chiropractic Care Work?

The central nervous system is your body’s information highway — it controls all function and healing in the body, connecting all of the body’s systems and allowing them to communicate with each other. Understanding and improving your health naturally all starts with chiropractic care. As improper structure and posture causes extra wear and tear on joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves, the resulting disfunction leads to symptoms such as tension, aching, and loss of mobility. Pressure on our nerves also leads to organ disfunction (don’t forget, muscles are organs too) and deafferentation, which is miscommunication within the nervous system pathways. Our mission is not only to facilitate healing for those patients who need this correction, but to continue to maintain that correction and ensure all of our patients continue to live their best lives with full function and mobility, and spinal manipulation on a regular basis is key to achieving this goal. While eliminating symptomatic pain is a result of our care, returning and maintaining function is the purpose. Without returning and maintaining function, the body can never truly heal.

We approach patient care in a manner similar to that used in conventional medicine, but more holistic in nature. We interview each new patient, obtain a detailed health history, perform an examination, and develop a working diagnosis. We then create a management plan, start treatment, and monitor the patient’s progress. Our comprehensive approach to Chiropractic care includes neuromuscular rehabilitation as well as spinal imbibition and structural correction. Chiropractic care is beneficial for patients of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric, and everyone in between.

What is the education of a chiropractor?

To practice in the United States, chiropractors must earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, pass the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and Physical Therapy exam, and obtain a state license. Many states also require chiropractors to pass an exam about state-specific laws, and all states require practicing chiropractors to take continuing education classes. This results in around five thousand required credit hours, comparable to the same required of medical doctors. In addition to structural correction, our Doctors of Chiropractic at Paragon Wellness Center require special training in functional/restorative medicine to address the root cause and provide treatment for all the conditions of the body, not just musculoskeletal; including, but not limited to, autoimmune, diabetes, allergies, digestive problems, fatigue, thyroid, weight loss, heart disease, hormone imbalances, and more!

We know that choosing a doctor for you and your family can be a difficult decision, but we want to make sure you know that you are making a great decision in choosing our office for your healthcare needs!

All major insurances accepted for chiropractic care, including Medicare and Medicaid.


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